No logs, no traces, no saved data. Everything we have is a visitor counter on the front page. All websites requested by will not be monitored or logged. does not log the proxy users' IP addresses because such data are simply useless and not required for the proper operation of this service.

Free of charge

No fees, no subscriptions, no hidden tricks, no contracts, no registration, no membership. Unlike the most proxy servers (also paid proxy servers) does not slow down the download speed. Every visitor may use this online anonymizer to visit any kind of websites available on the Internet.

Easy to use

Without any skilful manipulations, everyone is able to unblock censored websites in just a few seconds. All websites can be used like usual without any limitations and without any modifications of computer or browser which gets used to access blocked web site.


Due to different political regimes and cultural differences in particular countries, websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit etc. getting blocked to keep the people from sharing their opinion with another people and to see how another people are living. Internet proxy server like, can unblock all possible kinds of web sites such as social networks, news broadcasters, video streaming sites.